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Let's not be scattered, frantic or hectic this week.

If you have my book Women Lead, you already know that chapter nine is entirely dedicated to how to shift yourself out of frantic, hectic, and drama-filled to enjoying a life filled with intention. In that chapter, I share seven tips for intentional leadership.

In this week's episode, we discuss tip #7, learning how to trust yourself AND trust your team. This is a leadership challenge for many women. If you struggle with overwhelm, have an over-booked calendar, experience Sunday evening panic attacks, and have trouble delegating, this advice should help:

Trusting someone at home or at work with a task that you've been doing can be really tough, but give it a try. I promise you that delegating work and empowering future leaders is worth the reward.

Remember--leadership (and parenting) isn't about telling someone how to do a task. It's about empowering them and letting them do it better than you. #bethtoldme

I believe in you and I don't want you feeling anxious, scattered, and overwhelmed at work OR at home.

To get all of my tips on intentional leadership, get the book Women, LEAD! at your favorite bookstore or online here.

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