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Workshops and Corporate Trainings with Beth Caldwell

 In-Person and Virtual Presentations

Beth Caldwell is a social worker turned corporate trainer. A respected writer and columnist in the United States, she is the author of thirteen popular books on leadership and personal development. Her articles on leadership have appeared in Smart Business magazine, American City Business Journals, and THRIVE Global. 


Beth is best known as the creator and lead instructor for Leadership Academy for Women. She’s received several awards including Top 20 Most Influential Women on LinkedIn, The Radical Woman Leadership Award, a 40 Under 40 award for innovative leadership, and the Woman of Courage award. 


The former host of Smart Leadership on BizTV Shows and the popular webTV program Monday Morning Mastermind, Beth has lots to say about the topics of leadership and legacy. You'll find her speaking to audiences worldwide, sometimes on Zoom, mostly in person, and almost always to a standing ovation.  

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Now scheduling for 2024-2025-2026

Beth’s high energy and content-packed presentations are always a favorite of the students in the Radical Success Institute.

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When faced with challenges, women often resort to extremes that include rigid protocols, complicated systems, strict schedules, and words like SHOULD, MUST, and NEVER AGIAN. The truth is that most people don’t respond positively to military-like structures and unrealistic expectations. Eventually, women who live and work like this wind up being reactive, impulsive, exhausted, and ineffective. 

There is a better way. Intentional leadership skills allow for workdays filled with meaningful work instead of reacting to problems all day long. 

Intentional leaders tend to:

  • show up focused and fully present instead of scattered and distracted

  • have confidence in their own abilities and don’t need constant praise

  • create diverse teams with complementary skillsets instead of surrounding themselves with people who need lots of management

  • trust others to do work instead of micromanaging

  • take responsibility for mistakes instead of placing blame on others

  • recognize the achievements of others and don’t need to take credit or be the center of attention

  • are not distracted by drama

  • are surrounded by dedicated and loyal employees


Becoming an Intentional Leader participants will learn:

  • skills to develop intentional leadership habits

  • the one-word movement 

  • how to replace unrealistic goals with intentions of excellence and achievement

  • seven transformational habits of influential leaders



When you stop living and working in reactive mode, you can finally enjoy a career that you don’t need a vacation from. 

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Imposter Syndrome is what happens when girls and women believe what society has to say about them. Messages like these begin in childhood:


-boys are good at math, girls enjoy reading more

-being pretty is more important than being smart

-being different is weird

-people prefer girls who are quiet, helpful, thin, etc.

-women are better at caregiving

-girls are too emotional to be leaders

-let someone smarter/stronger do that for you


Even if we KNOW intellectually that these messages are not true, they are internalized and often resurface later in life during times of personal and professional growth. 


Women with imposter syndrome tend to:


- stay quiet

- avoid conflict

- avoid attention

- not ask for promotions

-not expect a raise

-put the needs of others first, even at the expense of their own health

-keep their dreams hidden

-feel silly about wanting more

-avoid being different, changing jobs, ending relationships, or starting a business


This workshop teaches women six practical steps to recognize and rewire imposter syndrome, change the habits and thoughts that cause these crippling issues, and teach other women to do the same. 


Heads Up:

Positive new patterns and habits can influence an entire organization.

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Do you ever feel like you've been bent, compressed, or stretched emotionally? We already know the importance of having a strong physical body but we often ignore the important aspect of having a strong and healthy emotional presence. This fun and thought-provoking presentation from Beth Caldwell gives you the important tools needed to be resilient at work and at home. She'll be sharing her best tips on strengthening your emotional immunity, regaining control and improving your bounce-back ability. You can expect an immediate improvement in emotional strength, courage, and self-esteem.


The audience will learn:

  • 11 easy strategies to improve emotional strength

  • Practical coping skills that can be implemented immediately

  • Tips to incorporate mindfulness into daily work and conflict resolution

  • Important leadership principals about understanding human behavior

  • How to re-wire negative thoughts and increase confidence


Be Aware:

Participants will improve their ability to return to their best selves despite being stressed and stretched to their full capacity.

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Companies lose time, money, and productivity due to workplace drama, employee conflicts, and avoidance. This fun and very direct presentation will offer strategies to conquer conflict, address uncomfortable situations, and still get work finished on time.

The audience will learn:

  • Tools to quickly handle chronic interruptions and drama 

  • How to prepare for a difficult conversation

  • Tips to help team members cope with change

  • Techniques to handle criticism

  • Practical strategies to deal with difficult people and situations


Awkward conversations and progress may occur immediately. 

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Having a polished personal brand can help you stand out in today’s competitive world. Many professional women avoid updating their image because it feels self-promoting. In today's online world, however, it’s important to show accomplishments and appear as polished and professional as possible. Having a current and updated brand can women receive recognition, be considered for promotions, new positions, awards, speaking engagements, and even media interviews. 


The audience will learn:​

  • The biggest mistakes women make to diminish their value

  • Ten tips to update your brand quickly

  • How to improve your presence on the internet as well as in the offline world

  • How to create a positioning statement 

  • How to write a captivating but brief bio

Be Aware:

Having a polished and professional brand can help one be discovered even in a crowded marketplace.

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In this fun, fast-paced, inspirational presentation, Beth will share success strategies for women who are ready to break through guilt barriers and enjoy successful careers along with peace in their personal lives. This workshop is ideal for any woman who strives for excellence both personally and professionally. We’ll cover 7 simple success strategies and discover some A-HA’s that are both important and inspirational.


The audience will learn:

  • 7 strategies for work and life success without guilt

  • Important emotional tools that men have mastered

  • Why there are some things you need to stop doing right now

  • How to accomplish really big goals


Prepare your audience to laugh, cry, and be motivated. 

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In this touching inspirational presentation, Beth Caldwell shares tips to overcome the challenges of life with grace, grit, and wisdom. The presentation includes her personal story of overcoming numerous obstacles and navigating her way to success. Audiences laugh, cry and become transformed as Beth teaches how women can weatherproof themselves, their families and their community to navigate any storm of life.


The audience will learn:

  • 7 steps to overcome personal or professional obstacles 

  • Tools to develop empathy

  • How to bounce-back from the most difficult circumstances

  • The importance of being a role model for recovery


Women who weatherproof themselves are less affected by life's challenges.

Gifts for Your Audience:  



Influential & Effective Strategies for Women Who Lead at Work, at Home, and in the Community

Are you ready to become the type of leader that others are waiting to follow?

This guide for women is filled with practical and refreshing tips for women seeking excellence at work and at home. Author Beth Caldwell believes that no matter the title, women lead others at work, at home, and in the community, and they are longing for practical tips to help them succeed all around.

Inside you'll find more than 100 strategies to help you influence with excellence along with tips on how to embrace your feminine gifts to enhance everything from productivity to intuition.


This and all of Beth's books are available at bookstores in the US, UK, and Canada as well as all online retailers.

“I didn’t know it was possible to be inspired, empowered, and motivated all at the same time.”
--Drew McDowell, Lawrence
County Women’s Conference

“The response from the attendees was incredibly positive.”
--Hannah Calvert, Pennsylvania Governor’s Conference for Women

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