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Are you resisting opportunities for success? Here's how to overcome that

I notice that many women are resistant to seeking out or saying yes to opportunities that will take them to the next level of success. I hear them say things like, "I'm not ready" and "Let me get another certification first." They also are often reluctant to accept offers to increase visibility such as board positions, media interviews, and other leadership opportunities, yet I notice they say YES to more work without more pay, more responsibilities without recognition, and "I was planning on not working this weekend but, sure, I can get that report finished for you."

Guess what, friends?

Men don't do that.

I know that you do not need one more thing to do. There is no space in your life for more tasks, extra work, or additional obligations- including a new certification. 😉

You've heard me share MANY TIMES how to say NO.

Today I am going to encourage you to begin saying YES without apologies:

  • Yes to opportunities

  • Yes to visibility

  • Yes to more money

  • Yes to more joy

  • Yes to pleasure

  • Yes to vacations

  • Yes to feeling more confident and strong

  • Yes to being a role model

  • Yes to success

Let's get strategic and intentional about your life and business. The first step is to notice when you feel resistant to offers, ideas, and opportunities. Sit with those thoughts, notice your resistance, and ask yourself, "What would Beth say?"

I say YES to opportunities, NO to obligations, and no more apologies for being yourself.

Remember, I believe in you.

Find my workshop called Six Ways to Say No here.

Learn more about private coaching here.

Join my new accelerator for women, Position, here. This may be just the program you've been looking for.

We meet virtually every Thursday at 4pm ET.

I would LOVE to see your smile there this week.

So, YES PLEASE give yourself permission to do this for yourself.

Need a reminder? Print this out and look at it every day until saying YES to opportunities becomes a new, comfortable habit.

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