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Today is Equal Pay Day--Here's My Advice for Women

Today is equal payday. We still have a gap in how much women earn compared to men, especially in Corporate America.

I'm not one of those people who complain that corporations don't value women, I don't put my energy there. Instead, I tend to focus on how you value yourself, how much you charge, and how to ask for and expect to be paid for the value you offer.

Without a doubt, there is work to be done, and a playing field that needs leveling. It begins with YOU.

If you need some help discovering your true value and SHIFTING the way you get paid, I want to repost one of my popular workshops called Wise Women Strategies for Success. In this recorded workshop (one of my MOST downloaded), I share how women typically sabotage themselves and how to STOP doing that.

Enjoy the video and please share this with a woman who needs to hear this today.

If you are ready to stop sabotaging, step into your value, increase your fees, ask for the raise you deserve, or get over the resistance you keep running up against, it might be time for you to work with a coach. If you want to try coaching with me, schedule your first session here.

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