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Strengthening Your Emotional Resilience: Help for Exhausted, Drained and Depleted Women

As smart women, we do a lot of things to build our physical resilience. We drink water, take vitamins, get enough sleep, invest in herbs that build immunity, etc.

Those are sensible choices that build physical immunity/resilience.

But so many of us ignore the things that will increase emotional immunity/resilience.

Why is this important?

A woman who is exhausted, drained and depleted usually doesn't deal well with stress.

If you want to be a woman who masters life and business challenges, it's really important to work on your EMOTIONAL RESILIENCE SKILLS.

If I could help you with just ONE WAY to improve your emotional resilience, it would be to address your unhealthy coping skills. In this week's video, I share 8 things I do personally that replace unhealthy coping habits that can really drain you.

Unhealthy coping skills include:




-compulsive cleaning

-binge TV watching

-mindless eating

-abusing food or alcohol

-avoiding situations

-shut down/withdraw


-your favorite distraction habit

Remember, friends, coping is a strategy for survival and it's meant to be used in short-term situations only.

So many of us spend our lives switching from coping with one crisis to another. That can be a depleting, exhausting, and frustrating way to live.

Remember, friends, the first step to changing any unhealthy habit is awareness.

If you'd like to replace your unhealthy coping skills with better choices, these are all favorite things I do in my own life. These are things I can do by myself or with Paul, but of course, the best tip is #8.

Special bonus: each of these things will help you to feel better, be stronger and build your emotional immunity.

TRIPLE 2's this week, these tips are taken right out of my book Women, LEAD!, page 22 in Chapter 2.

If you don't have a copy yet, get the book here.

Remember: the difference between stumbling blocks and stepping stones is how you use them.

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