Someone pushed me right out of my comfort zone and look what happened!

Updated: Jul 26

Each week I have the pleasure of helping women step out of their comfort zones. These women want to grow their business, be seen, and make a difference but many of them are stuck and struggling with resistance, hesitation, perfectionism, and the constant worry of what others will think.

Guess what? I used to be the same! I kept myself small and safe until a family friend volunteered me for a community leadership position leadership with the neighborhood athletic association.

This may be hard for you to imagine, but I was absolutely terrified to speak in front of that small group. The idea of reading a report in front of others made me feel sick for days. I worked on my presentation for more than a week, obsessing over every detail, and when the day of the first meeting came, I wanted to stay in bed.

Fortunately, I had someone who believed in me and was counting. on me to see it through. So I showed up. And guess what? Auto-correct changed the name of one of the officers from Brenna to Besida. Not one person even noticed but I beat myself up about that for weeks afterward. (get the whole story inside the video below)

I was committed to the organization so I kept showing up and doing the reports every single month. And it got easier. I became more comfortable showing up in front of a group. The more I spoke the more compliments I got on my speaking and writing. And soon I gained the courage to speak and write more.

This is what happened next:

I truly believe that this experience of volunteering locally in my community was my first step in getting comfortable with being seen. Like you, my skills and talents are different than others and for many years I tried to keep myself small and comfortable. I feared criticism and worried constantly about how I looked. But every time I spoke I gained more confidence and recognition. Soon I had the courage to step even more outside my comfort zone.

And look what else happened:

Are you struggling with fear, resistance, procrastination, and perfectionism?

I've been there and I got myself out of there one step at a time.

I know you can do it too.

Want to hear the funny story of that auto-correct mistake that haunted me for years?

Watch here:

Have a magical Monday, and remember, stop playing small.

The world is waiting for your gifts. xo


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