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Struggling With Email Overwhelm? We Can Fix That! 26 Days to an Empty In-Box

If you check email all day long, read emails as soon as you wake up in the morning or right before bed, you're wasting precious time and missing out on new clients, more business, or the next big promotion.

SO MANY PEOPLE ARE STUCK HERE, but don't worry, I was stuck too and I figured it out.

I've learned for myself that wasting time in an email in-box keeps you busy but also sends a person off track, and can keep us from focusing on the most important work.

In this week's video, I have 4 helpful tips to share with you on how to empty your in-box and get your email under control in 26 days. Let me know which tip is your favorite.

My friend, are you ready to master email overwhelm and spend your workday actually working?

I got you!

It's time to shift your email from I'm SO overwhelmed to

I've got this organized.

Remember--how you are in life and business is a model for everyone around you, so stay out of overwhelm and KEEP BEING A POSITIVE INFLUENCE.

See you next week. xo

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