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A Sneaky Way Women Sabotage Themselves: OVER-INDULGENCE

Today's topic: INDULGENCE--one of the most tricky forms of self-sabotage and procrastination. I see this happening with women who are making GREAT progress on their projects, then suddenly distract themselves with all sorts of moral licensing. (Example: I've been working very hard, so I will take a week off, I deserve it.)

In this week's video, I have some tips on how you can recognize and reprogram this habit.

While I highly recommend that you indulge and pamper yourself often, using overindulgence as an excuse to not finish your goals is a pattern that is dysfunctional and keeps you from being your best self. We all do this!

If you catch yourself using indulgence as a procrastination device this week, recognize it. This means you are about to do something BIG. Let me know what it is, ok? Login and leave your comment below.

Remember--I believe in you.


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