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What's Possible For YOU in July?

Oh, HELLO, July! Are you ready to welcome a sizzling hot month?

Buckle up! July, named after Julius Caesar, is known to be filled with intensity from beginning to end. This is an ideal time to pause and reflect on all you have already accomplished this year.

It's also a perfect moment to look ahead to the final six months of the year, make adjustments, and stay on track with the goals and intentions you've set for this year.

What do you have planned? There are EXACTLY 26 weeks left (182 days) until 12/31/2024. There is PLENTY of time to get it all done, friends.

I encourage you to DREAM BIG, and I look forward to celebrating your accomplishments!

Here are some affirmations for the month of July. Feel free to print this and place it in your datebook, mirror, or near your desk. Review or read aloud as often as needed.

Whatever you're experiencing now, make a way to find gratitude for how far you've come and consider your intentions for the next six months. I'm here to support you on the journey.

Allow me to invite you to join Success Circle this summer:

  • Want to attract new clients and grow your business?

  • Tired of wasting time and dealing with procrastination?

  • Ready to become ultra-productive?

  • Is it time to implement and improve business systems?

  • Want to exchange frustrations for intentions? 

Success Circle is a network of enthusiastic, success-minded women led by me and empowering one another forward one step at a time.

Mandy Thomas, CPO®

The practical strategies I’ve learned have saved countless hours and helped propel my sales and visibility.  I’m so much further along than I was a year ago.  THANK YOU, Beth!
-Mandy Thomas, RETHINK organization, LLC

There's truly nothing like this available for women founders and business owners today. Success Circle may be exactly what you've been seeking. I would love to see you in the group next Monday. ✓

Get the details and sign up here.

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