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Delegation: Never Easy for Women But Definitely Worth Trying

Today I have a simple but not-so-easy tip for you on how #shift into being a better delegator and a better leader.

One of my favorite books of all time is called Instant Karma. I keep it on my desk and it's my favorite go-to whenever I have a few moments. I've found books like this to be far more fulfilling than scrolling on social media.

Recently, I came across a tip on page 287 that made me smile. It said, "Resist telling people how something should be done."

As a high-achiever, it's easy to tell people how to get things done, and sometimes it's even easier and faster to just do it for them.

But as an influential and wise leader, you know that it's important to let them do the work. Sometimes they need to ask for guidance, and other times they surprise us by finding better and faster ways to get things done.

This week, when you find yourself wanting to take over, try this instead:

"What do you think we could do here?"

Give them the opportunity to solve the problem without taking over. See what happens. They may surprise you. 😉

See more examples in this video replay ⬇︎ ⬇︎ ⬇︎

(this episode was one of the most popular from the

Monday Morning Mastermind series that ran from 2019-2023) 

Will you give delegation a try this week?

Let me know how this strategy works for you!


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