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What's your excuse?

This week's video topic for Monday Morning Mastermind is PROCRASTINATION.

The past few weeks I've heard some interesting excuses from women about why they haven't taken action on the things they long to do. I completely understand, and I've been there myself. When you're called on to do big things, fear will often creep up and show itself in the form of procrastination and common excuses.

When it comes to your big ideas and plans that you keep putting off, tell me:


When the kids get into kindergarten...

When the kids go to high school...

When I get another certification...

After I lose a little weight...

Your favorite excuse here...

My friends, please recognize these excuses as a form of procrastination, a common side-effect of fear.

Remember, you are here for a very important purpose. Please stop waiting and stop putting off that BIG thing that you are meant to do. The world needs you and your important gifts now more than ever.

It's time for you to take the first step and #GETSTARTED doing what you were meant to do. Let me know if I can help!

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Beth Caldwell is a life and business coach who helps women who are doing it all. Her refreshing style and unlimited energy have impacted men and women around the world. She is the founder of the SHIFT Coaching Program for Women, Leadership Academy for Women, and the host of the popular WebTV Program Monday Morning Mastermind. In 2014 Beth joined the Steve Harvey Success Institute as a global instructor teaching classes on time management, publicity, and being an influential leader. She's received the Pittsburgh Magazine 40 Under 40 award for being an innovative leader and was recently honored with the Woman of Courage Award. She’s the author of 10 popular books on business and inspiration, the devoted mom to Brian and Kevin, and lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA with her significant and soul mate Paul.

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