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This ONE THING Will Combat Worry, Drama, Procrastination and Self-Sabotage. Will you try it?

Happy Monday, friends! Lately, I've noticed a lot of the following issues with the women I've been working with:

➡︎ Overthinking

➡︎ Worrying

➡︎ Over-planning

➡︎ Pre-planning for problems

➡︎ Expecting that things will not work

➡︎ Worrying what people will think

➡︎ Judging yourself harshly

➡︎ Drama at work or at home

Does any of this seem familiar to you?

The truth is that when I am working with clients who have big goals, set new intentions, or want to make changes in their lives, I often see these types of issues.

This is a sneaky cycle of sabotage that comes 100% from thoughts and worries. This week I have ONE PIECE of advice for you, and I hope it helps you to attain your best possible outcome. Enjoy this week's video, and please try this easy hack:

Let me know if you try this strategy and how it works for you.

HEY--have you heard about the in-person event I'm hosting in my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA next month? Check it out here:


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