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Stop Obsessing and Avoiding - Here's How I did it:

"You don't eat dairy?"

"Seeing anyone special?"

"Have another glass of wine."

"If you are a vegetarian, you'll never have enough protein."

"FASTING! That's so dangerous."

"Honey, we're worried about you."


"When are you two getting married?"

"When are you going to have a baby?"

"Are you planning more children?"

"Your spouse is not that bad, you should have stayed with them."

In the US we are getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving, and while your family dinner may resemble something from the Hallmark Channel, many people are filled with anxiety and trying to find excuses to avoid facing their family members and the annoying questions that come along with them.

If you find yourself dreading conversations, opinions, questions, food pushers, or practicing clever responses to criticisms, and imagining conversations that may never happen, I've GOT YOU.

In this week's video, I have 4 practical strategies that you can begin RIGHT NOW which will totally change the way you think about holidays and family interactions. They are all good ones and have helped me so much personally. The tip about pretending to meet your relatives for the first time was a LIFE CHANGER for me.

Please don't spend this week worrying, my friend. I know you have lots of ideas to tackle and projects to finish. When you find yourself obsessing about what might happen, work on those things instead. Be sure to eat well and get plenty of rest, too. The world needs you more than ever, so remember to make YOUR health and well-being a priority, ok?

I'm SO GRATEFUL for you.

See you next Monday.


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