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Should you listen to digital detox gurus? I don't.

A lot of us spend our days surrounded by digital devices, and the benefits are pretty powerful. After all, digital technology allows us to accomplish things that our mothers and grandmothers could never dream of.

I've noticed a trend where gurus and influencers advise to "detox" from digital devices and shut down social media accounts. Some experts suggest going from 1-90 days without tech, others suggest taking one or two days off each week.

While I agree that boundaries around TV, VideoGames, Social Media, and the internet make good sense, I think a lot of the advice we're hearing today is extreme, restrictive, and not realistic for most of us. For me, strict protocols, denial, relying on willpower, trying to "be good" and using complicated restrictive measures NEVER work.

In today's video lesson I share the simple, practical, sensible digital boundaries that I've set for myself and how they've helped me become more productive.

Whenever you're trying to set new habits, the less complicated you make things the better.

My advice is to fill your life with more of what you want and less of what you don't want.

Always make decisions and set boundaries around what works best for you and your family, not what others say you should do.

I hope these tips and strategies give you some good ideas.

Have a great week and I'll see you next Monday.

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