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It's time to take back control of conversations and meetings. Here's how.

woman confidently leading an office meeting. Blog by Beth Caldwell
It's time to stop being constantly interrupted, talked over, and conversationally bullied.

Last week I got to be with two different groups of women, one in Atlanta, Georgia, and one in Ohio. I was teaching one of my most popular presentations, Confident Communication.

Women continually tell me that the list of phrases I give them to use when they get interrupted, talked over, or conversationally bullied has become one of their favorite success tools.

I've spent years of my life sitting in meetings as a social worker and community leader listening and watching as people take meetings off-topic while they pursue personal agendas.

"Let's get back on topic." is what everyone is thinking but very few people have the courage to say it.

"Let's get back on topic" is a very effective phrase, and will often achieve two things:

  1. It gets the meeting going again.

  2. It helps the person realize that they are interrupting.

But sometimes it doesn't work. I have sat in a number of meetings where an individual continues to interrupt and derail the conversation. I suspect you have as well.

In those cases, I feel that we're dealing with a person who needs to be heard.

When you have an individual that needs to be heard, saying things like

  • That's not relevant.

  • This isn't the right time or place.

  • We don't have time for that today.

  • This isn't a debate.

  • Can we discuss this privately?


These kinds of conversational interrupters require you to confidently lead people forward, and in this week's video, I share a couple of ideas for you to try.

YES YOU CAN confidently lead people forward, and you can begin today.

When you do this it shows all the other people around you how to do the same.

PS this strategy and the phrases shared in this episode also work with preschool children, teenagers, and romantic partners. 😉

I hope you give these ideas a try. Have a great week.

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