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Hello February and a New Month of Affirmations!

Good morning and WELCOME FEBRUARY.

We are one month closer to spring and I'm happy to welcome the month of love into my world.

Here are some new affirmations for you to enjoy. Feel free to print these out to review each day. 💕

I know from personal experience that what we think about we bring about, and I hope these thoughts bring the very best for you:

What are your plans and intentions for this month?

For this quarter?

If you are a woman-owned business or service-oriented practice, I want to invite you to join my new business accelerator called POSITION. Each week we work together taking small steps to boost your business growth. If you want to position yourself as a leader, become more visible and known as an expert, attract your ideal clients, and have others see you as irresistible to do business with, then this group is just what you've been waiting for.

This Thursday the topic is Social Media: Do it or DITCH IT? We'll be talking about where you need to be online and which sites are a waste of your time. Join NOW and we will see you inside the accelerator this Thursday afternoon!

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