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Beth, WHY do you always have to be different? SIGH.

  • Why do you have to be so different?

  • Are you really THAT happy?

  • Could you not laugh so much, please?

  • Will you please lower your voice?

  • Why do you change jobs so often?

  • When are you going to get married?

  • Are you sure you want to give that baby formula?

  • When are you going to have more children?

  • Why do your kids go to a different school?

  • Don't you think you'd be happier living in the suburbs?

  • When are you getting certified?

  • Why are you working part-time, don't you think you should work full-time?

  • Why aren't you married?

  • You read a lot, don't you even like sports?

  • Why are you renting?

  • Why don't you buy a house?

  • Hey, have I mentioned to you that you should really think about getting married? 🙄

SIGH. These are questions that I have heard my entire life and OH, how I wish I had the confident responses to these questions that I have now.

All of these questions above really boil down to this. the person asking these questions is really saying: "Don't you think you'd be happier if you were more like me?"

My friends, the truth is THEY would be happier if we were more like them.

Doing things differently makes some people uncomfortable. That's ok. Once you understand that you will realize that the questions they ask aren't coming from a critical place, and they aren't coming from curiosity either. They are coming from discomfort.

When you choose to be different than everyone else, everyone else usually worries about what they are missing out on. It's much easier to stay the same, though, so things would be so much easier if you would just STOP BEING DIFFERENT.

Good news, though. You really are not that different.

There are lots and lots of people just like you, and about 1,000 of them are right here in this group.

So the next time someone makes you feel small with their questions or comments, go to someone that you admire and imagine what questions they would have for you instead.

If you want to know what I say to these questions now, just watch today's video:

Remember: You weren't brought to this world to fit into a mold created by others. You weren't meant to be like everyone else. YOU are here to do important work, my friend. And YES, that makes some people uncomfortable. Don't get upset or frustrated with them.

People get to choose to be exactly who they want to be. Including, and especially you.

Please share this message with someone who needs to see it today.


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