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That Time Someone Called Me CHEAP

Getting paid what you're worth is so much more than setting prices. You also have to be comfortable with the NUMBERS. Before starting my business as a publicist, I worked as a social worker and was accustomed to being paid hourly. Right off the bat, I doubled my salary to $35 an hour and that felt like so much to me at the time.

One of my first business coaches warned me that this number was not in line with what other publicity firms were charging, but I stuck to my comfort zone and positioned myself as affordable and hard-working.

Do you know what would have been a better positioning tactic? Pricey but worth it.

That's what I want for you. Enjoy this week's video where I share the painful experience of being called cheap.

The truth is, you will only be able to charge the number you are comfortable with. I encourage you to stretch a little out of your comfort zone. Do this by surrounding yourself with success partners that share your dreams and ideals. If you want to with me on this topic and dig a little deeper, keep your eyes on the blog, I'll be announcing a few webinars soon.

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