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Stop Being So Hard On Yourself. It Makes You Feel Tired, Old and SICK!

Like you, I tend to be pretty hard on myself. I used to think that if I wasn't busy creating or doing all day every day that I was slacking.

I had an endless to-do list, did work at night, on the weekends and on vacation. 😔

This is a bad habit that I call "ridiculous and unrealistic expectations." I have done a lot of personal work to address this tendency, and what learned is that changing this habit happens with 2 simple but very important strategies, and that's my lesson for you today. I find that women who are very smart and high-achievers tend to struggle with these two things. Try and incorporate them into your days this week:

  1. Be realistic. When you take a look at that to-do list, ask yourself, if you were to give this list to someone else, would you expect them to get it all done in one day? Sometimes we have excessive expectations of ourselves and demand more from ourselves than we ever would from others.

  2. Focus on accomplishments. I have a wonderful end of the day routine where I review everything that's been accomplished during the day. This is the absolute opposite of an old habit I had which was to mentally review every thing I didn't get done in a day. Focusing on what I didn't get done left me feeling frustrated, anxious and annoyed, but when I focus on accomplishments the feelings I enjoy are satisfaction and accomplishment.

(It sure helps with a good night sleep, too! 😉)

If you work all the time but feel like you never get enough done, enjoy this weeks video lesson:

Listen, girl, I want you to go to bed each night feeling tired and fulfilled instead of worried and frustrated.

If you're very hard on yourself and have a hard time getting all the things on you to-do list finished, I've been there and I got myself out of there one step at a time. I know you can do it too.

Want some help and guidance from me?

Great news! I'm having a spring coaching special.

Spring Coaching Special

I believe in you!


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