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Rising Above Chaos: Navigating Challenges and Embracing Resilience

Updated: Feb 2

Sometimes I have to Take My Own Advice

Woah January. I eagerly stepped into this new year filled with hope and optimism, ready to embrace the possibilities it held.

Little did I know January would respond with chilly sarcasm, throwing unexpected challenges my way - two car repairs, plumbing issues, a neighborhood gas leak, tech glitches, team challenges, and tax deadlines. On top of that, I've navigated caregiving issues, health insurance chaos, the transition of a long professional relationship, unkind criticism, disappointment, and, just last week, the painful loss of a dear family member. This is not the way I envisioned this year to begin. 😬

But as I reflect on the chaos that 2024 has brought, I find myself surprised. Surprised by the resilience within me and the accomplishments that easily overshadow the challenges. This month's highlights include new clients, planning an upcoming retreat, securing a fabulous guest and location for an international women's day celebration, a successful New Year workshop, financial blessings, new friendships, warm dinners, cozy evenings, and the recording of my first-ever audiobook. 🌟

I had to take my own advice this week and focus on all the things I accomplished despite what went wrong. 👏🏻 🌟💪🏼

Managing the unexpected is not new to me. Having faced profound grief, disappointment, illness, and heartbreak in the past, I've built resilience that prepared me for months like this. Like everyone else, I get frustrated by delays and disappointments, and in very difficult times, the instinct to curl up and stay in bed and avoid everything is very tempting. 😓

When I started my own business as a divorced mom of two school-aged children, I didn’t have that option. I was the one responsible for paying the mortgage, utilities, and tuition. When facing challenges, even crises, I did not have the luxury of not producing. During the most difficult times, I decided to commit to doing two things a day for my business, and I’d try to get them done before 10 a.m. On the worst days, I got a very late start and didn’t accomplish my tasks until late in the evening. On the good days, I’d get to my list early, feel positive, and do much more. I soon learned that staying active helped the healing process. 💪

Feeling sad, anxious, and overwhelmed can really throw us off. Sometimes when we don’t know what to do, we simply do nothing, or spend our time distracted by mindless TV or other forms of escape. When I feel like hiding or escaping, I know it's time to re-incorporate the two-things-a-day protocol. ⏰

How do you want to handle challenging times - with resilience and optimism or with fear and avoidance? Whatever you're facing right now is not permanent, and it's not the last challenge you'll deal with. Starting over is much harder when you’ve ignored your projects for months, so I encourage you to give the two-things-a-day strategy a try. 👊

Here's how to do it:

Make a list of all the small but important things you’ve been meaning to do for your career or business. Each night before going to bed, choose the two that you’ll complete the next day. Whether you get them done by 8 a.m. or 9 p.m., you've won that day. Only got one done? Congratulations, you moved forward. Got nothing done? Be kind and compassionate to yourself, friend. Navigating grief and challenges is tough, and you can try again tomorrow. 📝

This coping strategy kept my business afloat during the most difficult challenges. You are strong. You are resilient. You can do this. Don’t wait until this crisis is over to get back to work on your dreams.

I believe in you, and I cannot wait to see what you create now. 🌟

If you need help facing challenges or getting your business back on track, check out Success Circle for Women. This is my new Monday morning small group and it's FANTASTIC.

Want a Saturday morning dose of Vitamin Beth? I'm hosting a hybrid workshop on February 10th. Attend in person with me or virtually from anywhere in the world. See all events here.

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