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Recorded Masterclass: Make Your Brand Statement

Having a polished personal brand can help you stand out in today’s competitive world. It’s important to show accomplishments and appear as polished and professional as possible.

Many women avoid updating their image because they often feel like they are self-promoting. Don't fall into that resistance trap!

Having a current and updated brand can help you receive recognition, be considered for promotions, new positions, awards, speaking engagements, and even media interviews.

During this 30 minute masterclass, you'll learn six simple things that you can do right away to improve your personal brand online and off. Put these tasks into your calendar one at a time and in just a few weeks.


Watch the replay here:

Remember, use your checklist as a guide. Choose which parts of your brand you want to update and schedule the tasks in your calendar. ✅ ✅ ✅

Here are the additional resources mentioned in this masterclass:

Brand YOU Review Checklist. Right-click to save and print.


Here's Your Free E-Book:

The Professional Women's Guide to a Phot
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The Professional Women's Guide to a Fantastic Photo Shoot.

Read through these tips and be sure to show

your favorite photos to your photographer.

It makes a difference!

The SHIFT SUCCESS CIRCLE FOR WOMEN Launches on March 1st. To learn more, click the heart. To speak with Beth about success circle or private coaching, schedule an appointment. here.

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