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It's a Perfect Time of Year to Review & Update Your Brand

Happy Monday, friends.

This is an ideal time of year to Polish Your Personal Brand. No time today?

Put these tasks on your calendar to get done over the next few months. You know if you don't schedule this it will never get done.

Your brand statement is a combination of your personal and business image, online and off. This is a really important part of your overall success plan, whether in your career or if you own your own business.

Watch my tips here:

Here is what to review:

  1. Google yourself...see what comes up and address anything that is outdated or inaccurate.

  2. Review your bio and be sure it's updated on your social media sites as well as all webpages where you're listed.

  3. Schedule a new headshot photo appointment.

  4. Be sure to have an interesting introduction.

Your first impression is SO important and what you say does not necessarily need to include a title. Watch the video for some practical examples. Remember, when you polish your presence and show up as a woman of excellence, you give other women permission to do the same. LEAD ON, LADIES!

This video offers easy tips and a fast way to polish your personal and professional brand. I'll be teaching a full one hour workshop on this topic in January 2021. Sign up here to get notices and invites.

Are you ready for a coach?

Is it time for you to:

➦ SHIFT your life and business from Frantic to Focused?

➦ Become less ineffective and more influential?

➦ Stop trying to grow your business on social media?

Let's do this.

Set up your first mini-coaching session for free right here and see how fast things can change.

Click here to schedule now: SHIFTwithBeth

Beth Caldwell believes that women CAN do it all, just not at the same time. She's a social worker turned publicist turned popular author and success coach for women. Her specialty is helping women with publicity, visibility, branding, and systems. If you have a service-based business and what to SHIFT from making a few hundred dollars a month to a few thousand, you owe it to yourself to invest in a few coaching sessions.

Start here: SHIFTwithBeth.

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