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Feeling Worried, Lonely, Sad, or Can't Get to Sleep? THIS might help.

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

I think that all of us have had the occasional night filled with worries. You know the feeling. A dark, lonely, restless night filled with questions like:

  • What if...?

  • Why me...?

  • I should have...

  • I shouldn't have...

  • If only...

  • Will it work?

  • Does it matter?

  • I wish...

If you find yourself having trouble sleeping or feel lost, lonely, or afraid*, there are some things I want you to know:

Feel free to print this out and read it as often as needed. xo

HEY--if you often have trouble sleeping, check out this video I recorded YEARS ago. You see, I used to think that if I slept LESS I would accomplish MORE. THAT was a mistake. These tips are still as relevant as ever.

Want some more VITAMIN BETH? Join me on January 6th in-person:

*IMPORTANT: if you worry more than occasionally, reach out for help from friends, family, clergy, doctor, therapist, or employee assistance program. Here are three ways to access counseling online:

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