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Disappointed with results? Hon, it's not you, IT'S YOUR LIST

This past month many of my clients have been telling me that they feel stuck. They feel that their content is not being seen and that not enough people want their services. I noticed that people are really expecting instant results and that actually a large percentage of their audience does want what they have to offer.

The problem is--their audience is too small.

Here's the truth, if you want big results you need to share your content with a bigger audience. And it's going to cost you either time or money. I've personally spent 0 dollars growing my list, but I have invested a lot of time, dedication, and nurturing.

Think about some of the things you've purchased over the past few months. WHAT prompted you to make the purchase?

Here are some things that I've spent money on recently and what caused me to make the choice I did:

  • Theater tickets were purchased because of a postcard in the mail

  • Publicity course purchased because of an email invitation

  • Hair products purchased because of a recommendation from my stylist

  • New shoes and clothes purchased from an ad on social media

Marketing studies show that an average return on advertising is 4 purchases per 1,000 views or 2%. That means if the marketing quality is average, to sell 200 theater tickets they had to mail out 10,000 postcards. An average stylist will have to suggest products 8 times before she got one sale. If you're getting more than a 2% return, then the good news is, Beth, YOU ARE MUCH BETTER THAN AVERAGE.

The problem is NOT YOU, it's your list, and that is a problem you can fix FAST.

Here is a throwback video with the strategies that I use for list growing in my own business. Guess what? This is the FIRST Friday Focus Workshop I ever recorded. My hair is short and my office was barely decorated. It's fun sometimes to look back and see how fast things change.

Enjoy the workshop and let me know if you try any of these strategies.

Hi. I’m Beth Caldwell. I help women grow their practice to full capacity with a waiting list. Need to get organized? Time for business systems? Want to boost productivity? Learn about my coaching services here.

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