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Are You Avoiding Visibility?

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

I'm noticing a lot of women lately who are avoiding visibility. Is that you? If so, I have THREE simple visibility tips for you this week. Scroll down to watch the video.

Create a Resource: What can you offer that reflects your expertise?

  • If you're a manager you could offer a resource guide on leadership or mentoring

  • If you're a health coach you can offer a "clean eating" recipe guide

  • An accountant can offer a mid-year or end-of-year checklist

  • A leadership consultant can create a workshop about solving conflict at work

  • A financial advisor can offer a tool to organize finances

  • A therapist can offer an article or ebook with resources for families

Offer the resource: Share it in your email newsletter, on your social media platforms and offer to give presentations at companies, conferences, meetings, and trade shows. Don't just share your resource one time. Be consistent. Let's say you offer a checklist with 12 items on the list. There are now twelve topics that you can elaborate on.

Practice Posting: I meet a lot of men and women who hesitate to post their thoughts publicly. Remember that when you become visible you give other women permission to do the same. A good way to practice is by sharing good news. Congratulate others for receiving recognition or earning a reward. Share articles and resources of others whom you admire and respect. Once you get more comfortable, you'll be able to share your own thoughts and ideas. NOW you're becoming visible. 😉

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