Getting the Most From The Introverts on Your Team

Too often quiet individuals that work in groups are overlooked because they don't speak up. This mistake can be a huge loss to your company. Use these tips simple tips to allow the introverts on your team to shine. Don't overlook their talents. , brainpower, and especially their potential.


Everything You Need to Know About Working With an Extrovert

This short video explains everything you need to know to get the best work out of an extroverted employee. Most importantly, learn what you should always avoid when working with outgoing and expressive individuals. Use these tips to improve your leadership skills and bring out the best results in all individuals.


Conquering Conflict & Awkward Situations At Work: an On-Demand Replay from FairyGodBoss

Employees lose time, productivity, and sleep over conflicts, critical co-workers, constant interruptions, and other un-necessary workplace drama. Leadership expert Beth Caldwell will walk you through practical and easy-to-implement strategies that will help you address uncomfortable situations, conquer conflict, reduce anxiety, and still get work finished on time. 

Warning: Awkward conversations and progress may occur immediately. 



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