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This is an easy fix

Question: When is the last time you listened to your voice message greeting?

When I'm helping my clients boost their brand, this is one of the first things I have them fix.

In fact, if I could recommend that you do ONE thing this week to update your brand, this would be it.

When someone needs to talk to you about something important, they usually will call you on the phone. Here are some reasons that you may receive a phone call instead of an email:

  • Are you able to contribute to a news story about ______? If so, I'd like to arrange for one of my reporters to interview you.

  • I'm looking for a person to take over ____ initiative/ new project and would like to schedule a time to discuss the opportunity with you.

  • I need to hire someone who can fix ______. Are you available?

  • Our board of directors needs a new member. Are you interested in applying?

  • I have a client who needs your help. May I refer you to them?

YES! It's true, people do still make phone calls to reach you these days, and when they do, whether you answer the phone live or they hear your recorded greeting, I want them to feel certain they've picked the right woman for the job!

Here are two COMMON PROBLEMS with women's voice message greetings:

1. Computer-generated message.

2. Apology in the greeting.

These are easy fixes. Watch the video to get my tips:

My friends, improving the way you sound when someone calls you on the phone is an absolutely free and easy way to instantly improve your brand.

Trust me, your visibility and image have never been more public.

If you don't have a polished voice mail greeting, you are missing an opportunity to make a great impression on a potential client, promotion, collaborative project, media feature, or invitation to serve at a higher level.

Please, take a listen and make improvements THIS WEEK.

Not sure what to say in your greeting?

In my newest book, Women, LEAD!. there are six voice message greeting scripts that you can use which will cover a variety of situations. You can find the scripts in the resource section beginning on page 103. AND chapter three is entirely devoted to personal branding.

If you'd like a copy for yourself or a woman you care about, Barnes and Noble is offering *FREE SHIPPING this week.

Get your copy of the book at your favorite local bookstore or order it online here:

Want more helpful tips?

See my most popular recorded workshops (more than 20 hours of training) on the topics of marketing, positioning, productivity, and leadership on this webpage:

Get more inspiration, motivation, and practical business tips here:

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