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Ten Ideas and One Secret About Getting Featured in the Media

If you know me at all then you already know that I'm constantly encouraging my clients to position themselves as experts and leaders by getting featured in the media. Whether it's TV, Magazines, Newspapers, Radio, Podcasts, Blogs, or your Alumni Newsletter, media features work SO MUCH BETTER than paid advertising.

I RARELY meet a person with a publicity plan, yet most everyone who does have a plan also has media features. This week I want to encourage you to set aside some time to create a publicity plan for your:

  • newest project

  • business

  • favorite charity or

  • important cause

Guess what, friends? The holiday season is a really easy time to get media features. You'll find that many editors, producers, and reporters are taking vacations, there is rarely breaking business or government news and many outlets are looking for fresh, different, or positive stories.

Enjoy this masterclass recording with ten tips to attract media attention. These are the exact same ideas I've used not only with my clients but for my own business. Remember, if you find yourself in the media, I want to know about it. Here's to your continued success. 🥰

Download the companion guide to this workshop here:

Holiday Publicity Workshop Ebook (2)
Download PDF • 60.31MB

I look forward to seeing YOU featured in the media soon.


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