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How to Eliminate Your Head Trash This Week

When you are a BIG THINKER, you'll notice an occasional problem with head trash. Those are the little messages in your mind that creep in when you want to do something bold, new, or different.

Want to interrupt those thought patterns? Enjoy this week's Monday Morning Mastermind Video now:

Your thoughts may sound like this:

  • not right now, there are too many things going on

  • you can do this after ______(kids go to school, lose weight, get more experience, etc.)

  • someone smarter than you should do that

  • doing this would make others feel uncomfortable or awkward

  • you should organize the ___ first or clean the ____.

  • you don't look the part

This little trash can that I show in the video is the perfect place to store these thoughts.

I tell all of my clients that when you have a thought like this, write it on a piece of paper and take a long look at it.

Carefully consider the message.

Try to see the situation as though you are looking through the window at yourself as an objective observer.

Is it the actual truth?

Most times, the thought is a twist on the truth to keep you right where you are.

According to the primitive part of your brain, that is a safe place where you are in no danger of being harmed or embarrassed, or exposed.

Now, ask yourself this question: What is the truth?

Some examples:

The truth is that I am excited about my new idea, and a little worried it won't succeed.

The truth is that I don't need a certification, recommendation, or anyone's approval to make this move.

The truth is that this move may surprise people, but it's the best choice for me/my family right now.

Don't let your trash can get over-filled.

There is no need to keep the old and harmful thoughts in your work or living space.

Once you've got the head trash stored in the trash can, and have replaced it with a more truthful and helpful thought, you can empty the trash in whatever way is most helpful to you. If you come on a retreat with me, we'll either shred these negative messages or burn them in our fire pit.

Have a positive and productive week!

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