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Can you imagine?! ME Afraid to Talk!? Getting Started is VERY SCARY but VERY WORTH IT!

The first time I took a leadership position I was SCARED TO DEATH! I worried for three days before giving my first presentation. This week I have a funny story for you about my first ever community leadership position. I remember exactly how much I obsessed over giving a report and just how bad I was shaking at the time. Enjoy this weeks episode of Monday Morning Mastermind:

Taking the first step is VERY SCARY, but VERY MUCH WORTH the risk. I hope you enjoy today's story and I hope it inspires you to take your own first step towards whatever you are longing to do. YES, you will be nervous and YES you may make an embarrassing mistake like I did but it gets easier!

Will you take the first step this week?

Friends, the fall retreat is SOLD OUT. I have added a brand new virtual event Money Business with fellow author Katherine Dean.

Get those details here.

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