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Are you too demanding of yourself? I was for years. Here are 3 ways to change that habit.

I know you. You have a huge list of things to do and even though you are accomplishing some important things, you're completely focused on what you DON'T get done.

If you spend a lot of time:

-criticizing yourself

-beating yourself up

-making unrealistic demands of yourself

-setting ridiculously high expectations and

-being very hard on yourself,

then please watch this week's Monday Morning Mastermind episode.

This is a replay from 2020, mid-pandemic, when I taught 3 strategies to stop beating yourself up. These are lessons that I learned through my own experiences, and THEY WORK.

It's amazing to discover that when you slow down, take care, and are kind to yourself, things will speed up and you'll feel more productive than you ever imagined.

This week, I'm practicing these exact principles and offering a replay of this series as I focus intently on a new project that is rolling out later this month.

Let me know if you implement any of these strategies and how they work for you.


Last Friday I announced my next retreat. Check it out here:

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