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Are you focusing on the wrong systems?

A few weeks ago, during the holiday season, I taught a quick workshop on the most important systems in your business...and guess what? Organizing, Social Media, Networking Meetings, or Updating Your Website are NOT included in my top 5!

I've noticed that a lot of women waste time and money on creating things that don't result in SALES, and if you're starting or growing a business this could be damaging.

Here are some common mistakes that I see women make over and over again:

  1. Over-investing time and money on a website before you've got clients or offerings in place.

  2. Not having a system set up to accept payments, send receipts, or track spending.

  3. Spending way too much money on social media management.

  4. Paying for publicity instead of creating relationships with the media.

If you are not:

  • attracting enough business

  • getting paid quickly or efficiently

  • receiving lots of referrals from satisfied clients

  • putting yourself out there because of perfectionism

  • using systems for money, marketing, sales, or publicity...

Then this 35-minute recorded masterclass workshop is available at the perfect time for you.

Watch here:

Let me know if this masterclass workshop is helpful and which system you are working on this week. 😀

HEY--you don't have to do this alone. My new coaching program, Position Your Practice is accepting new members. We meet every Thursday at 4 pm ET for 45 minutes. Join anytime, cancel anytime. This mastermind is for busy women with big goals and little time.

This Thursday we're talking about creating a client attraction marketing piece for effortless client attraction.

Get the details and join here.

Remember, you have so much potential.

I believe in you and can't wait to see what you are about to accomplish. xo

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