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Another Strategy to Improve Your Brand: Try WRITING ARTICLES or BLOGS

Hi Friends! You all really enjoyed the personal branding tips I recently shared about updating your voice mail message. Remember, though, your brand is something that you want to review and improve often.

One way to stand out INSTANTLY is to become a published writer, and that is much easier these days than it used to be.

Writing is a great tool to polish your personal brand, boost visibility, get noticed, get recognized, and set yourself apart from your competition.

This strategy works if you want to get a promotion in your career, want to attract more clients, or gain attention from the media.

You can write on your own blog, be a guest on some else's blog, write LinkedIn, but I encourage you to get creative. Look for a list to help you think of ideas below.

I have some helpful ideas for you in this week's Monday Morning Mastermind Video:

There are a LOT of places publishing in print these days.

Think about the publications you read:

➡ community magazines

➡ alumni magazines

➡ association newsletters

➡ organization and chamber websites/blogs

➡ industry publications

➡ charity newsletters

➡ popular industry/ lifestyle blogs like Your Tango, Women on Business

➡ blog sites like Elephant Journal, Live Journal, or Medium

➡ social media sites that offer article publications like LinkedIn or Pinterest


Now, I know it's tempting to stay in one position and never stretch. But you weren't meant to stay the same for your entire career.

Writing is a great way to position yourself, so give it a try!

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