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The Time I Had Lunch With Salsa All Over My Face

This is a funny story and I'm not even embarrassed to share it with you, because it illustrates an important lesson about something we do that wastes so much time and energy...putting off an awkward conversation.

In my work, I've helped clients address conversations that have been put off for weeks, months, and even years. Avoiding a few minutes of icky feelings can cause years of stress and dysfunction. For example, the time I had salsa all over my face, my friend could have told me the moment it happened, but instead, she waited for hours. During that time I was oblivious that anything was going on. I noticed some stares and confused looks from the people around me, but they pretended like everything was ok. When I learned the truth, I was really upset and embarrassed, more so than I would have been if I had been told earlier. I was also angry with her, and I would not have been if she had spoken up earlier. You can see the story below.

Have you ever done this? Have you ever hesitated to admit the truth in order to avoid awkward feelings?

Have you ever suspected that something was wrong, but had people around you insist that everything was just fine, and then learned later that things weren't fine?

It's really hard to say things like:

This isn't working

We're out of money

We've made another choice

You didn't get chosen

You're not a good fit

I'm done tolerating this

I want to try something new

but remember, things don't get easier and they certainly don't disappear because we pretend like they are not happening.

Today I want to challenge you to have one awkward conversation. That is the fastest way to improve things, my friends. Remember that the conversation itself will be much less time than all the time you've spent thinking, dreading, and worrying about it.

Let me know what happens.


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