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This Isn't Going to Work Out

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

The past few weeks I've noticed a familiar pattern. Women in my private practice, the Accelerator Mastermind, at workshops and masterclasses are making comments like this:

  • That won't work for me.

  • There are extra complications in my case.

  • It's not that easy.

  • The economy is complicating things.

  • This is a result of the pandemic.

  • I probably should fix my website first.

  • I think I need to take another class before getting started.

  • It might be best to get another certification.

  • I'm just not like you, Beth. It won't work for me.

Can you relate?

Keep reading.

The truth is that you and I are more alike than different. These kinds of comments and resistance are common. It's normal and natural to feel hesitant about new directions in your life or offerings in your business. Go ahead and FEEL those feelings.

THEN, I have some questions for you:

  • What would it take for this idea of yours to work out?

  • What if it doesn't matter at all if your certified, other people think you're odd, your website is outdated, or what the news says about the economy?

  • What would the result be if, instead of thinking, worrying and analyzing, you just did the big thing?

If you're willing to feel nervous, uncomfortable, or even afraid in the beginning, quiet the thoughts and fears that keep circulating in your mind, you'll begin to enjoy the fruits of your efforts.

I've often thought about the comment that I hear frequently, "It's so easy for you, Beth. I'm not like you."

I've given this a lot of thought, trying to imagine what it is about me that is so different from other women.

Here's what I came up with:

  • I trust my intuition without question.

  • If I want something, I go for it.

  • I'm consistent, persistent and stay optimistic.

  • I don't mind (anymore) that people think I'm strange, unusual, unconventional, or weird.

  • I hire coaches and mentors who enjoy lives and businesses that I admire.

  • I see mistakes as lessons, not failures.

  • I expect that everything will work out. All the time.

So you see, the only real difference between you and me are our thoughts. It's not certifications, degrees, the economy, website status, marketing plans, or the pandemic.

We think differently.

And guess what?

Thoughts can be fixed.

Next month I'll be teaching an in-person masterclass called MANIFEST. It's happening in my hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, and I invite you to join me there.

You may not know this, but not long ago I was a divorced mother with two young babies. We lived on the second floor of an inner-city apartment and depended on food stamps to purchase baby formula. We had no air conditioning, dishwasher, or access to a washer and dryer, and I thanked God for our freedom every day.

In the years following my divorce, we lived through financial struggles, health issues, heartbreak, discouragement and depression. But we remained grateful.

Today I enjoy life as an award winning business leader, author, esteemed community figure, and sought-after speaker. I enjoyed a long-lasting and fulfilling romantic relationship for many years with a beloved soul mate. My sons are college graduates and happily pursuing their own dreams now.

Wherever you began, wherever you find yourself now does not have to determine where you'll finish.

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