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I would love for you to have a life you don't need a vacation from!

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Most of the time I'm asked to talk about topics like productivity, conflict, and communicating with confidence, but chapter 9 of my newest book, Women, LEAD! is about living with intention. It was one of the easiest chapters I've ever written.

We don't often talk about living with intention, but here is what I've learned.

When we stop living our lives in a reactive and responsive mode, we can finally enjoy a life that we don't need a vacation from.

People ask me how to live an intentional life. It's not as hard as you might try and make it!

Think about the choices you've made today, this week, this month, this year. Are you making choices based on what you think you "should" do? Do you make important decisions because of what you want, or because of what others want, have, or think?

If you find yourself constantly reacting/responding day in and day out, if you feel like life is hectic and chaotic, and are constantly stressed and tired, pause for a moment and ask yourself, what is it that you really, really want to do instead? Are you being who you want to be or just doing, doing, doing, and reacting constantly?

If you don't know the answer to who you want to be, I suggest you make a list of all the things you never want to do again. That is a great way to clear your head.

If you want to become a more intentional person at home and at work, here are some steps to get you started:

  1. Continue to develop yourself personally and professionally using books, courses, workshops, and retreats. Register for at least one new course each year.

  2. Prioritize your own health, wellness, and nutrition. Encourage workplace wellness programs and discourage constant availability and burnout.

  3. Think about ways to add value to your company and team, rather than staying stuck in problem-solving mode.

  4. Spend time with like-minded leaders often. This will help to feed your soul and keep you encouraged. If they don’t exist in your workplace, connect with them outside of work. It’s important to have others who share your beliefs and support you.

  5. Replace judgment with curiosity. Ask questions, pay close attention to others and be a great listener.

  6. Include quiet time in your schedule every day so that you can think and reflect without interruption.

  7. Trust yourself to make the best choices and trust your employees to do the same.

Intentional leaders weren’t all born that way. Like you, they learned and improved along the way. Think about the leader you want to become, take the first step today. and trust yourself. Imagine the possibilities. I can’t wait to see what you accomplish now.

If you'd like to work with a coach to help you shift your life from reactive to intentional, schedule a time to chat with me here.

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