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How I Stopped Living in Reactive Mode

Feeling overbooked, overwhelmed, frantic, and scattered? Do you seem to be surrounded by drama at work and home?

I lived like this for years until a serious illness forced me to make significant changes.

Guess what I discovered?

We are not meant to live in a scattered, frantic, reactive, and dramatic environment. It's not in synergy with being our best selves.

This chaotic lifestyle trend was created by unrealistic beliefs and habits. I definitely learned this lesson the hard way.

Good news, though. These habits can be adjusted. Shifting yourself out of reactive mode and becoming intentional about life choices is the first step in becoming an influential and effective leader. I have some practical tips to help you with this in today's episode of Monday Morning Mastermind.

Enjoy, and please share this with a woman you know who is living with oh-so-much unnecessary drama, ok?

If these tips resonate with you and you want more help from a life/business coach, let's talk! I have two client openings beginning in January. Schedule a time to chat and learn more about coaching with me here.

Meanwhile, have an intentional week.


Beth Caldwell

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