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Goodbye Inner Critic

The interesting thing about your inner critic is that it says things to you and about you that you would NEVER say to someone else.

One of my favorite quotes of all time and some of the best advice I've ever given about this topic is this:

I wrote this little love note to myself more than ten years ago and had it on my bedroom mirror for a long long time. If you struggle with constantly criticizing yourself, please print this photo (link below) and remind yourself of this truth as often as you need to.

The truth is, your inner critic says things to you that you would never say to anyone else. EVER. And, I'd be willing to bet that no one else would say or think these things about you. In this week's Monday Morning Mastermind, I'm sharing the real reason we criticize ourselves and a very simple question you can ask yourself which will help you break this bad habit:

Realizing that the inner critic is there to keep me "safe" and to keep me from taking risks really helped me overcome this bad habit of bullying myself. The next time you catch yourself thinking harsh thoughts about your ideas, actions or results, ask yourself if you would talk like that to anyone else. It worked for me!

If you missed the episode on Head Trash that I mention in this video, you can find it here:

Have an amazing week!


Want to download and print out the quote above? Here you go:

Inner Critic Quote Beth Caldwell
Download PDF • 276KB

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