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Feeling BLOCKED? Let's fix that today.

Over the past few weeks, I keep hearing complaints from my clients like this:

  • I can't charge THAT!

  • I keep trying to be creative but I cannot.

  • I'm just stuck. I want to do it but cannot get myself started.

  • Every time I try to write, my mind goes blank.

  • I am just so STUCK. REALLY Stuck.

  • Am I too expensive?

  • Nothing seems to be moving, not my business, not my projects, not even my bowels.

HA!! There is a common cause for being blocked (creative or otherwise) and in most cases, this comes from being too busy.

THAT habit may be deeply ingrained in you but remember it is a habit and a choice and CAN BE CHANGED.

This week I have some tips for you on how to get un-blocked, feel creative again and get things back to moving!

Enjoy this week's episode of Monday Morning Mastermind, and, please share with a friend who is stuck and needs some help:

If you're feeling blocked about money, creativity, or moving your business and life forward, check out my retreat happening this October. Gather with a small group of like-minded women in an environment set up for your clarity and success. Learn more here.

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