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My bad, bad habit of being too hard on myself

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Have you ever burst into tears over something that was not worth crying about?

Walked into a room and forgot why you were there?

Yelled at someone in traffic?

Snapped at a family member?

Forgot your own name?

These are all signs that you're pushing yourself too hard, exhausted, or emotionally depleted.

I used to have a bad habit of constantly overbooking and overscheduling myself. I had ridiculously high expectations of how things should be, pushed myself very hard, and stayed chronically busy. I demanded perfection from myself at all times.

I was an "emotional" gal back then, easily brought to tears. I was often impatient and frustrated. My family considered me to be emotionally fragile so they avoided sharing news that may cause me to be upset.

As it turns out, emotionally, I'm a very resilient person. I was just really really tired.

Now I'm much kinder to myself than I used to be, and that is just one strategy that I've implemented to help me be less frantic. One of the results is that I'm now less emotionally fragile. This topic, Curating Calm, is chapter 7 in my new book, Women, LEAD!.

In this week's video lesson, I'm sharing a story about how I recently fell back into my bad habits and wound up in tears on the phone with my graphic artist. Poor Dan! Fortunately, I now recognize the signs of pushing myself too hard and I put that bad habit to bed immediately.

You can do this too, and I have three simple suggestions to make that happen.

Enjoy this video and please post your comments below. 💞

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