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Do you need to be on social media more than you already are? MAYBE NOT!

When it comes to visibility, I prefer you be more in-demand than more visible.

If you are like some of my clients and have been saying things like this:

  • Should I be on Tick-Tok?

  • I need to do more Insta-Reels and Stories!

  • I don't have a clubhouse following, HELP!

  • My Facebook page needs more followers.

  • I need to create a business page on LinkedIn

  • I should blog more often.

then please watch this week's episode of Monday Morning Mastermind before you "should" yourself with anything else!

The truth is that, while positioning is very important, I'd rather have you be more in-demand than more visible. I teach my clients to grow their contact list as a tool for success, so you don't see all of them constantly posting on social media. They are busy growing their business using client attraction marketing and working with clients who refer new clients. I like you to be strategic and intentional instead of reactional and constantly shoulding yourself. 😉

If you want help with this and are ready to work with a business coach, let's chat.

If you want to watch my masterclasses on growing your list, being more productive, and attracting quality clients, you can find them here.

HEY--I have 2 spots open for my fall retreat for women. Check that out here.

Happy Monday!

I’m Beth Caldwell. I help women create systems, get organized, increase productivity, and fill their practice to full capacity. If you're ready to work with a business and life coach, schedule your first session here.

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