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Beware of this sneaky trick that keeps you from enjoying success

Have you ever found yourself excited about a really good idea and then notice that you talk yourself right out of it?

This is called RESISTANCE, Self-Sabotage or being "BLOCKED".

It's a way that the brain attempts to keep you safe from things like exposure, not fitting in, criticism, judgment, risk, etc. If you're not careful, resistance can rob you of success.

I've noticed the women I work with often resist ideas by saying things like this:

"That will be really hard work."

"Of course, that comes easy to you, but it won't work for me."

"I'm not sure I'm qualified, ready or smart enough to take that on."

Sound familiar?

WE ALL STRUGGLE with this sneaky form of self-sabotage.

Guess what? It's not that tough to overcome. Like most success strategies, the solution that will help you to overcome resistance is in your thoughts.

This week I am sharing the two most common types of resistance I encounter and how to fix them fast. This idea won't cost you a dime. All you have to do is change the way you think, and possibly the people you spend your time with.

Let me know if you give this a try and how it works for you.

Most people think that success has to be hard, but that is simply not true. Doing what you're meant to do will come easy to you and should be truly joyful.

The next time you catch yourself resisting a great idea, remind yourself, "Beth told me this would happen." Then, call one of your success buddies or your coach and get your thoughts back on track.

I believe in you.


Shall we gather?


I'm taking the Position Your Practice workshop on tour this fall.

The first two stops are Pittsburgh, PA and Washington, DC.

Join me at one or both, and YES, please tell your friends!

Details here:

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