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Are you afraid of the media?

I've been helping women with visibility, client attraction, and getting media attention for many years now, and here is something that never changes: The idea of being interviewed or featured in a magazine, newspaper, or television tends to trigger emotions in women of insecurity, poor self-worth, and "OMG I AM NOT READY FOR THIS"

Can you relate?

When women get the opportunity to "be seen" suddenly they want to:

  • distract themselves with urgent but unimportant work

  • fix something that is someone else's responsibility

  • clean, organize, or take on a new project

  • sign up for yet another training or certification

  • wait until things are perfect

  • let someone else shine

If this sounds familiar, don't beat yourself up. Simply notice your feelings and become curious about your actions.

  • Are these thoughts hurting or helping you?

  • Would you offer interesting and thought-provoking content?

OR, are you allowing these sneaky thoughts to prevent you from enjoying success?

You may be trying to dodge the possibility of visibility, criticism, or embarrassment, which is unlikely anyway. If you are like me, you strive to put your absolute best into the world. So, it's ok to be nervous about publicity, in fact, that is normal. But remember your worth. Remember your value.

Hiding, avoiding, and keeping yourself busy/distracted by serving others in order to avoid success is NOT in your best interest, is it?

Noticing these habits is the first step toward change. It's really important to have a circle of support that will encourage you to think big, take risks, and keep you from hiding. That is EXACTLY why I started the Position Business Accelerator for Women. I've created a beautiful group of like-minded, high-achieving women who meet virtually for about an hour on Thursday afternoons. It's the place to be for women who have big goals and not much time.

This accelerator perfectly lines up with my new theme which is "Let It BE EASY." Let's do that, let's let it all FLOW and be EASY.

Won't you join me? Here are two good reasons to join NOW"

  1. The next workshop is LinkedIn Makeovers

  2. The price increases to $100/month later this month.

I'd love to see you there on Thursday!

Here's what the other women have to say:

"I love how Beth keeps us on-track and moving forward."

"Thursday is now my favorite day of the week."

"I've gotten more done in my business in 8 weeks than I did all of last year."

Hey, what are you waiting for? Join us today! You'll get instant access to all the past recordings and can catch up anytime. This is my new favorite thing. See you in there. 😉

Still struggling with fears of media features? Go here.

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Trust yourself. Your inner voice will never lead you in the wrong direction.

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