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Announcing: MANIFEST

Shall we gather?

I'm thrilled to announce a new in-person, intimate workshop for women happening in my hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA).

I taught a workshop like this during the pandemic and more than 600 people attended.

I'm looking forward to teaching these principles to a small, intimate, in-person gathering.

A lot of people don't realize this but when I got married, I planned to stay married forever. We had two beautiful sons and my plans at that time included nothing more than to cook casseroles, host fundraisers, serve on the PTA and teach Sunday School.

Fate had something different in store for us, and I found myself divorced with an infant and a toddler, a second-hand car, and the financial responsibilities of my then-husband's bad decisions.

The beginnings of that new life were very challenging. My sons and I relocated from a modern and beautifully decorated five-bedroom home on a cul-de-sac in rural Virginia to a second-story walk-up apartment with two bedrooms, no washer dryer, or air conditioning, and parking on the street in an urban city neighborhood. That wasn't what I had planned when I was walking down the aisle.

In those early years following divorce, the boys and I faced a lot of challenges including financial insecurity, discouragement, depression, and health issues. We relied on medical assistance and food stamps from the government to get by. It was a very low time for me.

AND...guess what?

It was the best thing that happened to us.

This new independence allowed me to regain forgotten courage, lost optimism, enthusiasm, and determination, and over the years I created the life, love, and business of my dreams.

SPOILER ALERT: It was much easier than you might think!

I realized that living the life that others wanted for me was much more difficult than embracing my gifts and being myself.

If you are experiencing tough times or feel:

  • disappointed with life

  • frustrated with work

  • lost or alone

  • disconnected

  • unfulfilled in life or love

  • you don't fit in anywhere

  • there is more to life

  • you deserve better

  • you have a soul mate waiting for you somewhere

  • you are settling

You may enjoy attending MANIFEST. This intimate, in-person workshop, designed especially for women*, is happening in Pittsburgh, PA on Friday, July 14th at 10:00 am.

During the event, I'll share the strategies used to transform my life from financial struggle, discouragement, and depression to that of a renowned entrepreneur, celebrated author, esteemed community figure, and sought-after speaker, and frequent media guest.

Is it time for you to step away from what's been dragging you down?

Are you ready to reach for the life, business, and love of your dreams?

Join me at MANIFEST. Save $30 when you register before June 14.

*If you're a man who wants to manifest, you can work with me privately, but at this event, I will be speaking candidly about how I overcame heartbreak, financial struggles and personal challenges as a woman and mother with young children.

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