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Now Hiring 


Now Hiring

If you know anyone that is high energy and internet savvy please invite them to apply. 

Now seeking a part-time business assistant to help me with my growing coaching and consulting practice in Pittsburgh, PA. The ideal candidate would be able to work in person and remotely. 

This position may be right for you if you are:

  • High energy

  • Well-organized

  • Internet-savvy

  • Not afraid to learn or try new things

  • Familiar and comfortable with social media, especially Instagram

  • Understand website and email newsletter design

  • Good at multi-tasking

  • Enjoy helping and supporting others

  • Understand big picture life and business planning

  • Capable of handling large complicated projects like events, retreats, awards

  • Open-minded

  • Enjoy being the first to try new technology

  • Enjoy learning new things and meeting new people

  • Like to find ways to do things better, faster, easier

  • Have an eye for good design

  • Strive for excellence at all times

  • Able to solve problems on your own

  • Can work both independently and as a part of a dynamic team

  • Results-oriented-that means you are more concerned with finishing a project than checking email, scrolling social media, or how long it is until your next break

  • Solution oriented-that means that when something isn’t working you look for a way to make it work instead of deciding it can’t be done

  • Not opposed to handling personal errands as well as business projects

  • Enjoy travel

  • Able to work both in-person and virtually

  • Enjoy laughing, doing great work, and making a difference in the world

It's very helpful if you have experience working with:  Google Docs, Canva, Instagram, MailChimp, Wix, Acuity Scheduling, Calendly, Grammarly, Quickbooks, Eventbrite, Google my Business, Instagram, Video production and editing, or Online Advertising.

I’m totally fine with flexible hours, family first, and juggling multiple priorities. I just ask that you spend 4-6 hours per week in my office or yours, fully focused on our massive to-do list.

Only apply if you are seeking work that is fulfilling, exciting and purposeful, and not looking for a way to just pay your bills.

To apply, please DO NOT send a resume

Fill out this form:


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